KidPreneur Rules & Regulations

The City of Taylor is proud to establish the “Taylor’s Heritage Square Farmers Market” (referred to henceforth as the “Market.”) The Market operates in accordance with all City, County, State, and Federal laws pertaining to its operation. The mission of the Market is to provide Taylor and surrounding areas with locally grown foods and farm products and to attract customers to the Taylor area. Its focus is on locally grown produce and farm products from Williamson County and the surrounding counties. In addition, it may host a limited amount of ready-to-eat products, value-added products, and craft products to support local artisans and food-based entrepreneurs.
The Market is held under the pavilion in Heritage Square Park at 400 N Main St., Taylor, Texas, and is open every Saturday, 10 am - 2 pm. The Market operates year-round.  Heritage Square Farmers Market is a project sponsored by the City of Taylor Main Street Program and run by a volunteer Board of Directors composed of a Market Manager, Assistant Market Manager, Treasurer, Promotions Chair, Entertainment Chair, and Membership Chair (referred to henceforth as the “Board”). The Board meets on the second Monday of every month in the conference room of City Hall.
The Kidpreneur Program is one of our most treasured initiatives. We believe entrepreneurial skills are a critical component to navigating a fluctuating economy and that entrepreneurship experiences can improve young minds and impart skills that can be translated into any career. With economists predicting that the jobs of tomorrow don’t even exist today, entrepreneurial skills are valuable life skills. We are excited to partner with your young entrepreneur by providing a free space in our vendor community where they can set up shop and experience the joys (and challenges) of running their own business.
As part of our Kidpreneurs program, our Market offers free space to children 17 and under to sell items they have grown, made, or crafted. 
  1. Prior to attending the market, applicants must apply and receive approval from the Market Manager. 
  2. KidPreneur Vendors must provide their own tables and tents, as well as comply with all regular vendor, local, state, and federal regulations (as applicable).
  3. The KidPreneur must always be accompanied by a parent or guardian during the market.
KidPreneur’s are eligible for a free 10’ x 10’ space at the market as long as they qualify for the program. If the young entrepreneur would like to attend the market more than twice a month they can apply for full membership in the market.
  • All products must be approved by the market manager prior to attending the market.
  • A description of each product and photographs of products must be submitted with the application.
  • Every product sold MUST BE produced by the KidPreneur, without exception.
  1. All KidPreneur selling food or drinks must follow Cottage Food Laws and Safe Handling Guidelines according to county and State laws. Any fines received by any market will be paid by vendor responsible for non-compliance.
  2. Some cottage food laws do not apply to minors under the “Lemonade Stand Law”. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the requirements for your product.
  3. Your products may be subject to state income tax. Be sure to research your product and contact the state comptroller if you have any questions. Vendors are responsible for collecting and paying any taxes required by the state.
  1. All KidPreneur offering samples must follow Cottage Food Laws and Safe Handling according to county and State laws. Any fines received by any market will be paid by vendor responsible for non-compliance.
  2. Failure to abide by sampling requirements may also result in the revocation of sampling privileges or expulsion from any market.
KidPreneurs (vendors) and their parent/guardian must meet the expectations listed below, as well as comply with Market rules and regulations, in order to participate at the Market.
  1. Vendors are expected to be dependable, to be set up by 9:45 am for the opening of the Market, and to keep a positive attitude during the Market hours.
  2. An act of unruliness or verbal disdain will not be tolerated and will result in immediate and permanent expulsion from the Market.
  3. The Market and immediate vicinity are a “Family Friendly” area, and all are expected to act appropriately.
  4. Vendors must always wear shoes and shirts. Clothing should be clean, and vendors should look professional.
  5. Vendors and others are not permitted to smoke anywhere within Heritage Square Park or the adjoining public areas.
  6. The use of foul language, profanity, or other rude behavior is not permitted.
  7. Unlawful possession of firearms, consumption of alcohol, use of drugs, or operating under the influence is not permitted and is grounds for permanent eviction from the Market.
  8. The Market Manager and other market representatives have the authority to issue warnings and take appropriate action against vendors who violate the rules outlined in this document.
  9. Any vendor who violates any health, safety, or liability policy can be suspended or removed immediately by the Market Manager.
  10. Vendors are responsible for the behavior of their employees and volunteers.
  11. Concerns/complaints regarding rules, codes, laws, or personnel relating to the Market in any manner must be directed to the Market Manager and pursued following the stated grievance process.
    1. All grievances must be submitted in writing VIA EMAIL TO
    2. The Board will investigate and work diligently to resolve issues.
    3. Response will be in writing. All decisions will be final.
    4. If the Market Manager, Assistant Manager, or Board cannot resolve the issue, the Main Street Manager will offer potential solutions.
All KidPreneur will be provided with an appropriate booth space by the Market Manager. Check in with the market manager upon arrival for space assignment.
  1. Each vendor will be assigned one 10’ X 10’ space.
  2. Your assigned space may be under the pavilion or just outside the covered area. We recommend you bring a tent for shade/shelter in case you are assigned an exterior space. (See more about tent regulations below).
  3. Any vendor setting up in a space that has been reserved for someone else will be required to move. It is the vendors responsibility with the market manager or a board member before setting up.
  1. Market Managers, Assistant Managers or their designee will keep order at the Market. The Market Manager and the Board will have final authority on site to interpret and enforce rules and regulations.
  2. Vendors who do not comply with instructions and rules of the Market will be considered in material breach of their agreements and may be asked to leave immediately.
  3. The Manager and Market Board may, at their sole discretion, alter the Rules and Regulations and the operation of the Market at any time. Current rules will be available on the Market Website.
    1. Kidpreneurs may attend the market up to twice a month.
    2. Any vendor NOT attending the market must notify the Market Manager via call, text, or email by Wednesday 5 PM prior to market.
    3. Markets will be closed if market day falls on Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter Sunday, or New Year's Day.
    4. In the event the Market is closed due to inclement weather or an unforeseen incident, the Market Manager will advise all vendors at what time the Market will be closing.
    5. All vendors must attend a minimum of two markets per month to maintain their membership.
    6. If a vendor misses three consecutive markets without notifying the Market Manager, they will be placed on Inactive Status and their membership may be terminated by the Board.
    1. Vendors are responsible for their own booth set-up and tear-down.
    2. Vendors are responsible for bringing their own tables, chairs, tents, signs, and/or other equipment.
    3. Tents must be no larger than 10’ by 10’ and 30 lb. weights must be securely affixed to each canopy leg at all times. Weights should be set up in away to avoid injury to any person.
    4. Set-up begins at 8:30 am and should be complete by 9:45 am.
    5. Vendors should unload all their materials and move their vehicles to designated vendor parking before beginning to set-up.
    6.     All vendor vehicles MUST be moved to the designated vendor parking area before 10 am.
    1. A vendor's stall must include a sign that clearly identifies the vendor's name and location (county or city).  Other information, such as telephone number or website, should also be made available to customers. 
    2. Vendors must supply all materials and containers for customer sales.
    3. Products should be displayed in a sanitary, presentable, and attractive manner.
    4. Vendors should be knowledgeable about products, how they are used, grown, or produced and be able to communicate these things clearly to the customers.
    5. The vendor is solely responsible and liable for any claims and damages resulting from the sale of unsafe, unapproved, or unsound goods.
    6.     Electricity at the Market:
      1. Assume electricity is not available unless verified by the city.
      2. When electricity is available, vendors must provide their own extension cords and mats or tape to cover any portions of the cord that may cross any walking paths used by Market customers.
    7. Vendor Sales Data: All vendors are required to track their sales data at this market complete the Data Submission Form no later than 5 pm on the Monday following the market.
      1. Sales data and customer counts provide a metric with which to make decisions about future markets. This information, along with weekly sales numbers and customer count is used to:
        1. Demonstrate how important farmers' markets are to our town and state.
        2. Help the Board with decision-making, market promotion, media relations, advocacy, and fundraising. 
      2. The data is compiled weekly and whole-market data is available for viewing by any Market member. Only the market manager who compiles the report has access to individual vendor’s data.  
    1. Vendors may not break down before end of market even in the event the vendor has sold out. Tables, signage, tablecloth etc. must remain set up in booth space until end of market.
    2. Vendors may not move personal vehicle into any spaces adjacent to the pavilion prior to 2 pm. Those spaces must be kept open and available for customers as we do have some show up towards the end of the market. 

Taylor's Heritage Square Farmers Market